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Name: Aiden Quinlan
Age: 22

Sex: Male

Species: Lycanthrope
Appearance: Aiden is 5' 11", 170lbs. He has a slender but toned body, shoulder length brown hair (usually in a ponytail). His eyes are pail blue and overall skin tone is lightly tanned. He typically wears loose fitting jeans with a long sleeve plaid button up. He has three tattoos, one on each of his arms on the inner forearm and one on his chest. His left arm reads "Power" and his right reads "Restraint," His chest piece is written in nice calligraphy "Family Is Forever".
School Background: Aiden is an average student. He does what is required of him. He struggles in classes like mathematics, and chemistry. Numbers and equations aren't really his strong points. He loves classes involving his hands and creation. Most specifically he loves construction classes and English literature. His father being a carpenter gives him a desire to build and help his father. Literature gives him a sense of happiness that isn't even really understood to him. Reading really just makes him happy. He behaves well in class. His parents taught him that respect should always be given where it is needed. However, this also means if a teacher or student disrespects him or another that he wouldn't think twice about letting them know. He isn't shy but at the same time he is not out going. He likes company of others but needs time alone so he can recharge. He tries to make it to every class but to him family will always come first.

History: Aiden is born of Irish decent. He doesn't remember living there at all as his family moved when he was very young. His parents moved so to protect him from the families dark past. Many generations ago the Quinlan family was cursed. The reasons aren't known by him but the curse placed on his family was lycanthropy. Aiden and his father, Harlen, change on the night of the full moon into humanoid wolves. His mother, Fiona, married his father in hopes to help them be rid of the curse to no avail. They left Ireland to avoid being hunted down by superstitious towns folk who believe they were devil worshipers. Now they try to live normal lives while keeping their secret. On full moons Aiden locks himself in his basement in fear he may hurt someone. Since he hasn't lived as long he can't yet keep his consciousness when he changes. He is constantly seeking a way to rid himself of his family's curse and has made it his life's goal to find away to cure himself and his father.


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